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What is SMTP?

Do you add advertising to my emails?

What is the maximum size of message I can send?

Which email programs are not compatible?

Which email programs are compatible with AuthSMTP?

My ISP blocks SMTP on port 25 - what can I do?

What type of authentication should I use?

Can I change my username and password?

Can I use AuthSMTP to send bulk email?

How do I know which account I need?

Does AuthSMTP use POP-before-SMTP?

How can I pay?

My ISP proxies SMTP port 25 - is there an alternative port?

How do I renew my AuthSMTP service?

Can I upgrade my service and how much will it cost?

Do you offer a FREE or trial SMTP service?

My email gets caught as SPAM - can AuthSMTP help?

Why does it say "GetOnline" on my credit / bank statement?

Why should I not use personal SMTP server software?

What is the maximum number of recipients I can send to per message through your service?

Do you block any domains or email addresses?

Why do I need an email address to sign up?

Can I use AuthSMTP to send mail from multiple email addresses?

What do the SMTP error / reply codes mean?

How do the message number and size quotas work?

Can I use one AuthSMTP account on more than one computer?

How do I access the online AuthSMTP control panel?

I get a 'not authorized to send' error message?

Do I have to change my POP3 server or POP3 username / password?

How do you detect and stop SPAM / email abuse?

Where are your servers based?

Should I use the default or alternate SMTP port settings with the SMTP server?

Does AuthSMTP work with SMIME - S/MIME?

Do you offer a reseller package / discount or affiliate scheme for AuthSMTP?

Do you have any information to reduce the spam I receive?

Do you offer telephone support for your outgoing email service?

Do you virus scan my outgoing mail?

Can unused quota be carried over to the next month?

Can I limit the size of attachments that can be sent?

Do you support Apple Macs, MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch?

Can I authenticate to the SMTP server on the 'from' address only?

Can I authorise my whole domain name to send through your SMTP service?

Can I connect to the IP address of your SMTP relay server?

Do I get a POP3 mailbox with AuthSMTP?

How do I recover my username / password?

Why do the Microsoft Outlook 'Test Account Settings' Fail?

Why should I not just use webmail when mobile?

In the Control Panel - what is the 'admin' email address?

Will my IP address show in the email headers?

Can I authenticate based on my IP address only?

Do I have to change my email program?

Do you support SSL / TLS encrypted connections?

Can I take a copy (duplicate) of emails sent?

Do you keep a log of messages sent?

Do you offer shorter term or monthly billing accounts?

How many concurrent connections / threads can I use?

How can I avoid getting spam complaints?

Do you offer an anonymous SMTP service?

What is SPF? (Sender Policy Framework)

I get SSL errors when sending email?

I cannot login to the Control Panel...

Why is it best to send email as one message per recipient?

What happens if I exceed my quota?

Will my email address change - do I send from [email protected]?

Is AuthSMTP a software program I install?

Do I need to make changes to my MX (mail exchange) records?

Can I send email from a form on my website?

Can you handle and other domain types?

Why do you use PayPal for payments?

Can I have a dedicated IP address with my account?

Can I download a raw log file of my message history?

Can I renew my AuthSMTP account early?

Will you auto-renew my AuthSMTP account when it is due for renewal?

What is an Email Address Re-write?

Do you offer DKIM signing and support?

In the Control Panel - what is the 'complaints' address?

Why do my messages grow in size when I send them via AuthSMTP?

What is Google Analytics and how can I use it to track my emails?

Can I send from an email address that does not exist?

Do you provide an Web API?

What SMTP ports can I use?

How do I setup AuthSMTP?

Can I use AuthSMTP for automatic email forwarding?

Does AuthSMTP support the SMTP pipelining extension?

Everything you need to know about complaints

Do you send DSN / NDR (delivery status notification / non-delivery report / bounce) emails?

How do I change the hostname and from address on my Amazon EC2 instance when using AuthSMTP?

How do I redirect DSN / NDR / Bounce emails to another email address?

How can I protect my website contact forms from abuse using a CAPTCHA?

Can other AuthSMTP users send from my domain name?

What is DMARC and how do I use it?

Service Privacy Policy

How can I whitelist AuthSMTP's network?

How can I whitelist the AuthSMTP network on a Microsoft Exchange server?

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