Can I send from an email address that does not exist?

No - the email address that you send from has to exist and accept incoming emails.

This is for the following reasons:

  • Our (automated) authorization system will try to send an email to the address you are wanting to send from to authorize it - you would then need to click a link in that email to confirm the address is valid and you have permission to use it
  • Some recipient mail servers will reject mail from domains that have no incoming mail server (MX) and some will even 'call out' to check the 'from' address exists and is accepting mail
  • If your from address doesn't accept incoming messages you won't receive message failures (bounces)?
  • You are free to send from [email protected] and ignore replies but it has to receive bounces and you are obligated to remove or update these in your mailing list or database

If you have any questions please contact us.