What is an Email Address Re-write?

The email address re-write is a function that will allow you to send emails from your email program, application or device using a specific email address and then have the from address re-written automatically to another email address by AuthSMTP once you have sent the message.

Here is a diagram that explains how the service would re-write your from email address:

Email From Address Re-write Diagram

You would begin by sending an email from [email protected] to your customer who uses [email protected], once you have sent the message via your AuthSMTP account the from address would automatically be re-written so that the from address is [email protected], your customer would see that the message has come from [email protected] and not the original email address of [email protected].

  • It will not have any effect on the To address or the Reply-To address, it will only change the Header From address
  • Both the original from address and the re-write address have to be validated on your account
  • The re-write function is not compatible with DKIM message signing
  • This function should not be used for re-writing large amounts of email such as bulk mailing lists

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