Can I have a dedicated IP address with my account?

Yes - we allocate a dedicated IP address to all accounts which are AuthSMTP 50 or above.

Benefits of a dedicated IP address

  • Allows you to monitor and manage your email reputation.
  • Prevents others from affecting your email reputation.
  • Will allow you or your recipients to whitelist your emails using a firewall or other security software.
  • If your SPF records have reached the limit on the number of permitted SPF lookups, using an IP address instead of our network include can help reduce lookups.

Important information

  • If your account is assigned a static IP address, all of the emails that you send will go out from that specific IP address - it will not be shared with any other users.
  • A static IP address does not mean it could never change, but it would be unlikely to change or would not change frequently.
  • If an account with a dedicated IP address is downgraded below AuthSMTP 50 or the account expires, the IP address will be removed without notice.
  • If you are looking for a static IP address to send your emails TO instead of using '' please see - Can I connect to the IP address of your server?

If you have any questions please contact us.