Can I use AuthSMTP for automatic email forwarding?

Unfortunately our service cannot be used to automatically forward email - all sender / from addresses have to be pre-authorised on your account.

Some email programs or server applications (e.g. Microsoft Exchange etc) can automatically forward incoming email to an external email address - it will try and forward the message with the original sender / from address intact rather than sending the message from your email address.

For security and to prevent email spoofing or abuse of our service all from addresses have to be pre-authorised on your account before you can start sending from them, for obvious reasons you cannot authorize someone else's email address for sending on your AuthSMTP account.

We do not recommend email forwarding for a number of reasons:

If you need your users / employees to be able to access they company email remotely we recommend that you enable remote POP3 / IMAP access on your server.