Can I download a raw log file of my message history?

Yes - you can download a raw log file in CSV format of the last 5000 messages you have sent via the Control Panel.

To access the file you will need to:

  • Login to the Control Panel
  • Click on the 'Account Usage' option in the left hand menu
  • Click on the 'Export Log' option
  • Click the 'Export data' button

The data will be exported as a .csv (comma separated variable) file and will be compressed as a .zip archive, exports are limited to one per hour to prevent excessive load on the service.

The CSV file contains the following fields:

DateStampThe date and time that the message was sent. This will be in either GMT/UTC or BST (UTC+1) timezone (the servers with this data on are in the UK).
MessageIDThe unique Message ID we have assigned to this message.
SubjectThe Subject from the email you have sent.
EnvelopeFromThe 'From' address declared in the SMTP conversation when connecting to our server (this is usually only relevant if you are using a custom application to send to our server) - otherwise it's typically the same as the 'From' email address your email software has been set to use.
HeaderFromThe 'From' address in the email headers, this is usually the same as the 'EnvelopeFrom' address - i.e. it's whatever your email software thinks your Email Address is set to.
ToAddressesThe Email Addresses your message was sent to, separated by commas.
CCAddressesThe Email Addresses your message was CC'd to, separated by commas.
BCCAddressesThe Email Addresses your message was BCC'd to, separated by commas.
SizeThe size of your message, in bytes. This may be larger than the message size on your computer - particularly if it has an attachment. This is due to the encoding required to send your message.
RecipientsTotal number of recipients that your message was sent to. If your email is 'relayed' to another address (i.e. you have a copy sent to a separate address for all your email) this will include that in the total.
TotalSizeThe total amount of data you have sent in bytes. If you send a 1 Megabyte email (1048576 Bytes) to two people this would count as 2 Megabytes (2097152) in total.
IPAddressThe IP address which you sent the message from, followed by a ':' and the port number you connected to on our servers.
WithSSLWhether the email was sent with 'SSL' enabled. 0 Indicates no SSL (Encryption) was used, 1 indicated SSL encryption was used. Note: Messages sent with SSL will use more of your message quota - please see: FAQ 56 .

If you have any questions please contact us.