Customer testimonials and reviews of AuthSMTP

If you are considering AuthSMTP, here is a selection of the genuine comments we have received from our clients over the years.

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"As always a very rapid, comprehensive and helpful response. Thank you very much for your support and providing an excellent flexible and value for money service"

"No problem just thought I would let you know that your product works very well indeed. The support website is a pleasure to use. Keep up the good service."

"Thank you, that's FANTASTIC!

If ever there was a business that 'does exactly what it says on the tin' - then it would be AuthSMTP. Well done - very impressed!"

"The speed, accuracy and appropriateness of the technical support from AuthSMTP is perfect. Every question was answered in single digit minutes concisely and enabled me to solve all my email problems. Impressed is an understatement. Would highly recommend.


"Your service is terrific!!!

A few hours ago, I told my Canon dealer about your service. He had not heard of you, but now plans to tell future customers about your service. If I get time this weekend, I will document the setup steps to help future Canon customers use your service. I've also told Canon USA tech support about your service. Hopefully, on Monday they will realize the advantage of your service.

Again, many thanks!!!!"

"I LOVE you guys. I've used you before and frustrated with my ISP I thought I'd try you again. IT WORKS! Your customer service is excellent - will recommend you to all."

"I turned to AuthSMTP after some of my ISP's mail servers (a well known French company) had become blacklisted and I was having terrible problems sending simple emails. That was years ago. The service from AuthSMTP is simply excellent! Simple to set up, easy to use and flexible so it meets the demands of a seasonal business. It's so good that you almost forget it's there.

Since turning to AuthSMTP all those years ago, I've never had a problem, ever! I've no doubt the backup service is superb but I've never needed to use it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend AuthSMTP to anyone as indeed, I have countless times. A superb service, from a quality company."

"Can I thank you for your first class response whenever I have asked a question, it makes a really pleasant change to get a high quality level of support, it is very much appreciated."

"Thanks. I am now using your service and it is great.

No more clunky, non-professional email from addresses. This is exactly what a consultant with multiple client email addresses needs to do business. And the customer service has been first rate.

Thanks again for a wonderful service."

"I have used AuthSMTP for several years now and never had any problems. Setup is simple and customer services are second to none."

"Thank you very much for your awesome help! We've been a happy customer so far, and this support experience makes me like your service even more. We'll continue to be a happy customer!"

"Just to let you know I will be renewing my account again for another year - been using your service for 6 years now. I've also recommended you to a work colleague of mine. Really love the service you provide."

"I'm just letting you know that I can now send email from both my accounts for the first time in several weeks. Your product is wonderful. Thank you! "

"I recommend this service. It works and solved my email problems, if you email from different locations with different internet providers, this is a great service to have! It is priced right and does what it set out to do!"

"We use AuthSMTP for emailing from our Billing Software and now our in-office scanners. I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with your service. No more wondering why customers didn't get their invoices, or waiting for scanned documents to show up. Your services work all the time, every time. Keep up the good work!!"

"I have to congratulate you on a fantastic service, I've been with you for a while and have had problem free emailing from around the world, so thanks..."

"That's fantastic. Many thanks for the quick reply.

Can I just say that I am so impressed with the service you provide by how quickly you reply to emails/web requests. Plus you're always so helpful and clear with your instructions that it makes everything so easy to deal with. There's so much negativity going around these days that I just thought I'd give a compliment where it's due."

" My ISP wouldn't let me send emails from my own domain - without AuthSMTP the only solution would be to use webmail to send emails! I can't recommend this service highly enough."

"I have been using your service for a couple of years now, and sometimes forget how effective it actually is. I have several 'project' mail addresses, and access them through a variety of systems both at home and overseas. AuthSMTP is fabulous, as I don't have to pay extra for additional addresses; my login is the same for all; and I never have issues with sending!

A friend recently complained about problems sending email while traveling. I directed him to AuthSMTP, and he's now wondering how he ever managed without it. An excellent, inexpensive and reliable product! Thanks!!"

"I have a problem with AuthSMTP.

I have subscribed for several years now, and I have had NO PROBLEMS with your service.

What's wrong with you people?

IT companies are famous for messing things up, but the service I have from AuthSMTP is flawless.

I don't know what it will take to rectify this situation. Do you?"

"I've never experienced such helpful customer service. Being in the customer service field myself, I know what it takes!I *really* appreciate your help. I've learned a lot from this and will be changing my email program. Thank you very, very much!"

"I adapted my Visual Basic program and can now send mails perfectly without using a mail client like outlook, using your SMTP server - I'm very happy with this solution."

"Service is great at a reasonable price - when I ask a question I get a very quick response!Keep it up."

"I wanted to take the time to thank you very much for all of your help as well as for your quick response time. I finally worked out the issue I was having hitting the outbound ports and am now successfully using your email server. As a software developer I will be sure to recommend your services to my clients."

"Thanks VERY much. I'm sending my email right now. The sign-up and setup process was very fast and simple. Much appreciated."

"Thank you, everything now going ok, I thought I ought to say that your service/product has in a few minutes solved a small but annoying email problem I have been struggling with literally for *days*. Thank you so much."

"A real big thank you, we had so much problems with our site, the IP our hosting gave us was blacklisted every where because of the old users and to contact every major ESP was hard. Now we don't have any outgoing mail problems anymore!"

" I had major issues using hotel ISPs, mobile ISPs, iPhone and outside wireless networks: AuthSMTP was so easy to setup and have never had an issue. Its amazing."

"Thank you. AuthSMTP is a great utility. I use mobile broadband and had major issues sending email until we signed up with you."

"AuthSMTP remains one of the most remarkable organizations I have ever done business with. Your SMTP product and your Customer Service are always flawless, accurate and prompt. Although always in the background, you are always on my mind each time I click SEND. Thanks again."

"I'd just like to say that I'm extremely pleased with AuthSMTP. The service is so reliable I forget I'm using it, and the support response and resolution has been super quick both times I had a small problem. Great value for the money!"

"Many thanks... you guys rock!! In a world where IT support is so frustrating it is a pleasure using services from a provider that understands its customer's problems and offers solutions that work without having to spend money pulling your hair out on the phone!!"

"Your service is great - AuthSMTP has solved a lot of my email headaches. I only wish I had started using you years ago."

"Thanks for your quick response to all my questions. My previous SMTP provider takes days to respond and they don't offer annual billing for businesses (a real pain!)."

"Just wanted to let you guys know that I had the service up and running in a matter on 10 minutes and I think it'll be great!

I definitely wish you guys would market to people like my company, just a start-up needing a reliable way to get emails into our users' mailbox! We've had the whole experience where we have 5000 people signup a month and since we require users to confirm their email, we would have 20-50 people a day tell us they never received their confirmation email, what a pain! I think that will be solved now! You should put some documentation up for programmers, using Pear::Mail !! That's how I did it!"

"Thanks for your help. I have to say your service & customer support is excellent - Feel free to quote me on that."

"I configured our Exim server to forward messages your way. With no other header changes whatsoever, it now delivers to the inbox at Yahoo and not the spam folder. DKIM signatures still verify as OK as well. We signed up for a year. If anyone else comes along asking about EC2 support you can tell them that at least in our case it definitely fixed our deliverability problem."

"I'm a professional freelance graphic designer and have been e-marketing my services for over 10 years. During this time I've tried and tested dozens of different ways of e-marketing, AuthSMTP is not only very simple to set-up and very cost effective but it delivers and the after sales support is second to none. If AuthSMTP was an seller on eBay it would have Power-seller status with 100% rating. "

" BINGO!!!!! You guys are great. Port 25 was blocked by my ISP but your service allowed me to send again. Again - thank you for your all your help and guidance."

"I love your product and depend upon it every single day. You guys ROCK. Keep up the great work."

" Please accept my sincere thanks... on my recent trip to Indonesia, using AuthSMTP as my mail server, I successfully sent out emails from my Order Manager software. This was a great comfort knowing that now I can communicate with my suppliers and customers during my trips within the US and overseas."

" Just to let you know that we have completed our initial report sending out of nearly 10, 000 emails, and are happy to say that the AuthSMTP service has performed excellently. Its wonderful to finally have come across an SMTP server service that caters to our needs. We are also very grateful for the excellent service and support provided."

"I rarely get round to sending reports of good service - I guess because we rarely get really good service! I am writing to thank you for your superb online support. Due to the complicated nature of our set up and the blocking of our SMTP locally we needed some help in getting everything to work. I am amazed by the fact that you consistently dealt with each stage of the process by returning support requests any time on any day within 15 minutes. Thank you for your professionalism."

"Being able to send email is so fundamental, I was a bit anxious when I signed up for the service. However, it's been great and your help and quick answers to my questions (including fixing an issue with Exchange 2007) has really been appreciated."

"Dear Support Team! Great service - your web site (fast and straight-forward), documentation (perfect) and setup (perfect). We will start advising this service to our clients - I was initially considering setting up our own SMTP servers on our but your service looks much better and easier for us."

"Praise report, your service is great! Prior to your service I was experiencing a significant delay in email delivery from my ISP to my BlackBerry mobile email address. I isolated this solely to issues with my ISPs SMTP server. I did a quick Google search and found your service at the top of the list and took a chance and gave up the $25 buck. I am very happy to say your service has restored my priority email needs to just seconds!"

"Keep up the good work and I will be a long term customer."

"Thank you ever so much! I really appreciated your assistance because I think you went above and beyond with the service you offer. Great service!"

"Brilliant service that works on all devices, always works whatever the file size, peerless and immediate customer support, would recommend it to anybody who needs a roving SMTP server."

"I have used AuthSMTP for a number of years and found their programme excellent, backed up by a support team which is second to none. They also ensure we do nothing which might be construed to be spam and ensure we delete any address which requests removal from our mailing list. We can therefore regularly e-mail potential customers in our industry sector in a professional manner, confident that we are not contravening any anti-spam provisions. Well done AuthSMTP."

"Thank you for your prompt response - I must say that I am impressed by the service that you provide. I only had one query during the last year and you answered it very quickly and expertly."

"You must know your service is exceptionally brilliant. If you don't, well now I've told you. AuthSMTP has solved our iPhone headaches by allowing us to send from Wi-Fi or Mobile network incredible fast. The service has made our whole communications infrastructure much more efficient and saved us hours of connectivity issues."

"I just wanted to say thank you to as I am delighted with the service you have provided. Because my ISP blocks outgoing SMTP on port 25 I have been really struggling to get my mail server up and running; however luckily I found your site whilst trying to find a solution. Thanks to the documentation on your site I was able to setup the service very quickly and my mail server is now fully operational. Excellent value for money too."

"Allow me this opportunity to share my THANKS for your service. I am currently mid-Pacific Ocean enjoying the advantages of my AuthSMTP account."

"Service works great! Wanted to report that your outbound virus-scanning is working exceptionally well and is detecting some outbound (forwarded) viruses that are not being caught by three layers of inbound filters (F-Secure, Norton 360, and Webroot SpySweeper) on our end."

"I just wanted to drop you guys a line and say your doing a great service to one and hopefully soon more of our clients. We switched them over to AuthSMTP about 2-3 months ago due to bottlenecks at our ISPs SMTP servers and have been delighted so far with your service. You guys had the best price and have offered awesome customer service. From what our client said using your service has increased their communication with clients and has relived a lot of the headaches that came with the previous service we were on. The notification of using 80-90% of our e-mail capacity was also very helpful. Keep up the great work."

"I would also like to say that your service is awesome! I've had so many SMTP issues in the past, and now they are all gone with your service! :)"

"I'm amazed with how quickly I got this service up and running. I was able to update our production installation (Postfix on Linux) very quickly. I read every single bullet of your FAQ and appreciate all of the documentation. Our messages are no longer being flagged as spam by Hotmail and Yahoo either."

"Fantastic, incredible, genius support - you've made my day (week maybe!).Spot on!"

"I just want to say that your service solved all my email problems within 10 minutes from signing up. Your quick response to my query compounds the quality of your service, excellent. I will recommend your service to others without hesitation."

"I've just signed up. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and compliments on a really tight offering and performance of the product."

"This is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much... I'm your new biggest fan!"

"Brilliant: I wish someone had told me about your service a week ago - it would have saved me many hours of frustration!"

"Thank you so very much, I've been messed around for 6 weeks by my mobile service provider on this issue and it's worked within minutes with you guys, have a very good day. Cheers!"

"Just a quick note to say thank you. I have been struggling with SMTP emails since my service provider stopped allowing us to send emails without any notice. I was a little cynical that your service would do what I wanted it to, but having tested it, it does exactly what it says on the tin, and then some! "

"I have even passed your web site onto a few friends who are having the same problem, so hopefully it will resolve their problems too. I think that people these days are all too keen to complain and no one says thank you, so hopefully I might be able to correct that with this email. Thank you."

"Just wanted to say brilliant product! I have been let down by supplier and desperate to send emails. In 10 minutes you solved my nightmare. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! "

"Now up and running again despite my ISPs best efforts - I can't thank you enough. It was that recommended you to me and I'm so glad they did!"

"It works!! Many thanks, this has taken months with all sorts of experts trying to make my ISP work, it's a great relief."

"Thanks for your prompt replies to my questions. Works a treat, very easy and quick to set up too!"

"This note is not to report a problem but rather to express my satisfaction with your system. My computer was stolen and it has been very, very useful for me to get the back-up log. Thank you and congrats for the good service!"

"Your service has been a godsend. Needed a solution and you delivered it."

"I am very impressed with your service and have opened another account on behalf of a customer. Thanks for running such a great online service!"

"Thanks so much for your help. My email is now working! I am mobile quite a lot and your service will save me a lot of hassle with sending mail from remote locations."

"I'd just like to say that your solution works a treat and I'm very happy with it. I am heading from Norway to Madagascar next and I feel certain that I will still maintain ethereal connection!"

"Thank you so much your service is quick and I'll pass the word on to send them your way."

"We're achieving nearly 17% response to our mail outs in 36 hours now that everything is going through AuthSMTP. We are amazed by the results... your service has done an excellent job, I'll be telling everyone to use you! I've already signed up 3 clients to you."

"Thanks so much for your service. This has helped me to solve a long existing problem."

"I love your service. There are many who use Outlook who don't know about your service. It took several years for me to find out about you!!"

"For months I have been blocked from sending from Outlook. This problem has plagued me for months - my ISP denies it is them my domain host denies it also. However, your server lets me send - fantastic!"

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for the superb service you have provided over the last 12 months. I have no hesitation in recommending your service."

"Just wanted to tell you that your product is superb and "does exactly what it says on the tin"! I have been struggling to send emails to Hotmail accounts for months with my ISP but now I can contact all my customers with Hotmail accounts."

"I would have no hesitation in recommending this to friends and colleagues - keep up the good work. As I run my own business, I feel it is important to compliment when I find a good product - yours is certainly a very good product and set up in about 30 seconds."

"I am a new customer and I must congratulate you on a quick, simple and easy to use sign up and Control Panel interface."

"I just wanted to let you guys know that your service has been awesome. We are adding clients to our business because your services work so well. So many clients have issues sending outbound mail until we hooked them up with your system. Your services has made our business grow. We brag to clients that outbound mail will be flawless which it has been!!"

"I signed up (to use it with phpMailer) - works a treat - many thanks! "

"Thanks for the excellent and responsive support. You can quote me, all my friends are now using your service, simply it's the best."

"May I have the honour of adding this to your testimonials page."

"My current state - GOBSMACKED, ASTOUNDED, INCREDULOUS... I think I've found the one exception I'll ever find in my life to the rule that says that 'if something sounds too good to be true (especially for the money), then it probably is'. AuthSMTP have simply blown that idea out of the water! I'm still reeling from the effect your service is now having on my (business & personal) e-mail life."

"I am from the UK, this is September 2007 and I am in Toronto. I had already allocated a day to sit down and reconfigure all of my 15+ e-mail accounts on Outlook to work from the new location and all the associated problems."

"During my Google searches for a solution to yet another glitch, I stumbled upon a site that explained what authenticated SMTP actually meant and did. I could not believe that any such solution existed. Seconds later (you rank top for good reason!) I came to your site. I researched a few of the other services that do the same thing and decided upon you for a number of reasons that now, as your customer, are simply confirmed."

"Discovering your service has been a true watershed in my e-life before AuthSMTP and after AuthSMTP. Nothing will ever be the same again discovering your company has fundamentally changed my relationship with my laptop and the whole realm of communicating across the Internet as I travel around the world."

"Thank you for existing and for having forever removed the millstone of e-mail account management from around my neck!!"

"Thanks for a brilliant product. You should all be really proud!"

"Very good product - I am in the process of "selling" your service to my company. No more email problems period since I signed up. Outstanding..."

"Again thank you for your excellent support and if you wish a testimonial for your promotional efforts - "Thank you AuthSMTP for a super service backed by the best support on the Internet!""

"Thank you! I love your product and quick service! I have raved about your company to all outside sales engineer in my company."

"The service you provide is vital to me and others and I am grateful that you are there."

"Just wanted to say thanks for your service because it has got me around a massive problem with my ISP. I haven't been able to send email for 3 days - their SMTP servers have been used as spam relays which has effectively shut off the servers. I changed my Outlook settings to you and I am back in action. Thanks again! :-)"

"Thank you - I really appreciate your lightning-fast response! Brilliant service!"

"Since a while I have been looking to send mail from my portable. As I am switching locations and ISPs, I couldn't find a solution to send my mails from any other ISP then my own. Thanks to your easy, efficient and affordable solution, that problem is finally solved!"

"Just wanted to say that this is exactly what I was looking for. I can now send emails when using any one of my regular hotspots - so thanks very much."

"Thanks for the quick responses - much appreciated. Got it working fine. I'm a very happy customer! Thank you."

"You guys save my life all the time. No matter what crazy hotel I check in to, AuthSMTP just works. And I do appreciate how easy you make renewal - whoever does your site and your development needs a big hug."

"Once again, THANKS! I spent three days trying to figure out why I couldn't get a darn little email to go... I am so glad I found your service - it's now all working perfectly!"

"AuthSMTP solved the problem and everything is working perfectly. I cannot tell you how pleased I am to have found your service. I will recommend you to everyone I know."


  1. Excellent documentation, set up and sending emails in two minutes.
  2. Fast upload of attachments without going to sleep on me, no drop-outs.
  3. Spontaneous delivery.
  4. Resting assured that my email is delivered.

"AuthSMTP kicks ass! Many thanks for superb service."

"This is a great service saved my a$$ last week....!!!"

"You answered all my questions - just signed up with you guys and if you receive this email then I guess I did it all right! Thanks a lot for your help - I was having a ton of trouble with getting other email servers to accept my email."

"Your support has been excellent - I really appreciate that!"

"I can't begin to tell you how grateful am to have stumbled across your service. I have struggled with AOL wireless broadband and Outlook for ages. I have a work email address which I need to send when I am working at home - they always said it was my email provider - my email provider says the fault lies with AOL. I could receive works emails but not send which was very frustrating - I spent hours on the phone with AOL and Microsoft to no avail. You have sorted this issue with in 2 minutes of registering! Thank you for solving my problem at a great price."

"That's a FANTASTIC service!!! I will add in other guys at our company and I will recommend you to the rooftops. I am visiting a French office today and have tried for 2 years to get emails to go from here. You have solved it... you guys ROCK!"

"May I pass on my sincere thanks for such a quick response to my inquiry...getting service as good as this is not often received these days."

"Thanks. I just signed up to use your service from behind a University firewall. It just works! It only took a minute or so to set up all my e-mail accounts – very intuitive and easy to use! So much better than any other SMTP service I've used."

"Just wanted to congratulate you on your work, we travel a lot and needed a solution for the SMTP!!! You came up with the perfect one! Congrats and keep up the good work."

"Fantastic - really appreciate the speedy response - wonderful service!"

"I bought your AuthSMTP service yesterday and I wanted to thank you. Your service alerted me to a relaying problem from an old account that I had forgotten about - now I have the account locked out and my mail server seems to have stopped pumping spam without my knowledge! Fantastic - really appreciate the speedy response - wonderful service !"

"Your services are spectacular. I'm an IT and Web consultant and I'm referring people to you all the time here in Chicago. I wanted to congratulate you on the quality and reliability of your services. Thanks a lot!"

"Your service has certainly cleared up a major headache for me - i.e. having to switch SMTP servers every time I move from my home network, to my mobile network, to a customer or friends network. Plus my login is encrypted too which was also a cause for concern. I do appreciate you being around... a lot!!"

"Thank you for a fantastic and reliable service! A true credit to online services - and you can quote me on that! ;)"

"With my previous ISP occasionally messages were being delayed for as long as 24 hours. I had been meaning to sign up for AuthSMTP a while ago, however did not take the plunge until a few days ago. What a fantastic service! Emails are arriving within minutes, if not seconds, of me sending them. This is having a superb effect on my clients who rely on my giving them superb service and support. Thank you!!!"

"Signed up and sending emails in less than 5 minutes - problem solved - absolutely A1 service!"

"You guys are great! My business is growing as a result of your consistency."

"I travel around the USA most of the year, using a variety of ISPs for internet access and email. For more than a year, I have not been able to use my email application (Thunderbird) when on the road due to my ISPs inability (or unwillingness) to allow email back to Bellsouth from other ISPs. After doing some research online regarding this issue (I got no help from my ISP) I came across AuthSMTP. Within about 20 minutes I was signed up and sending emails with Thunderbird! AuthSMTP was the exact solution I needed. The website was straightforward and informative, and the sign-up process and instructions on how to set it up were super smooth. Thanks for offering a great product and service, and doing it so well."

"Just a quick note to thank AuthSMTP for their services. I was looking for a solution as to how to send emails via my NZ ADSL provider, while having my domain hosted by another ISP. I found the AuthSMTP web site information easy to understand, informative and complete. The process and setup to obtain the relay service was precise and painless. AuthSMTP are to recommended."

"I'd like to say that I'm really impressed with the service you provide. It is always first class and really prompt. I have website hosting with a faceless budget company and their service ought to take a leaf from your book. I have little confidence in them, but your service fills me with confidence. I'll stop now before your head explodes :-)"

"Today I purchased your low end package for testing our bespoke email application. My application was able to send 416 emails in 1 minute with no missed messages. This is much better than expected. I have already recommended this product to my customer and they purchased an account today."

"I was very impressed this evening by the protection you are affording me. I sent a copy of a highly suspicious PayPal email to their '[email protected]'address for them to confirm as fake or genuine. Your SMTP protection immediately detected it as an HTML.Phishing.Pay-6 email and deleted it so confirming it as a fake without me actually having to ask PayPal - well done!!!"

"Wow! For the better part of a year I've been trying to figure a way to get my website email at home. The bug was my ISP. After countless phone conversations with them they just couldn't help me. Your service cured my problem in less than 20 minutes! I can't believe things are now working and I can send and receive mail. Worth the $24 even though I should bill that to my ISP!"

"Excellent SMTP service! I am now able to send e-mails using my own domain - this is a big help - I will recommend AuthSMTP to anyone who is having trouble sending e-mails from their own domain."

"Thank you. Your service works just like it should and behind the scenes!Thank you for excellent customer support. I will certainly refer my associates to your services."

"This service is outstanding. I regularly use my laptop at two permanent locations (one with a LAN and another with a WAN), at University and via 3G. Never fails to send email whatever my connection and at great speeds. Thank you!"

"From we deliver a lot of digital goods by sending out download codes. We had a lot of complaints about filtered emails and tried several services. AuthSMTP was the easiest and fastest to integrate and worked instantly. It actually took me less then 10 minutes from signing up to upload the new SMTP configuration and successfully send out mails. Great job, simple and easy!"

"Your SMTP server rocks! My Internet connection here in Canada decided to port block port 25 last week so our support emails have been very un-answered. We're set up and back in business."

"Thank you - you people are great!! The SMTP worked and even someone who is allergic to IT like me understood it!!"

"AuthSMTP is a great service, it is the best change that I have ever made for our network and my time."

"While we are with a large ISP, hosting our own Exchange server we were constantly seeing mail failing to deliver due to DNS, reverse DNS, etc. Switching to AuthSMTP has made my life so much easier, I know that all of our messages are sent securely. We like it so much we require our customers to sign-up when we install a mail system."

"Thanks guys!!! You define the word "Customer Support" :-)"

"I'm basically hitting my head on the desk wondering why I didn't discover this before. I'm finally free of the hassle of editing email accounts on the move. I love it, love it, love it!"

"You people are fantastic: a great idea properly done. I am really impressed with your service and the sign-up procedure was easy and provided a nice sense of security. Well done, and keep up the good work."

"Well done guys... you got me through a hotels broadband connection blocking outgoing email. Another provider didn't have sufficient support to get a normal fellow like me going."

"Why hadn't I found you before, it would have saved me days of worry and frustration with the AOL helpdesk and lots of money buying alternative software. Your set up instructions were perfect and your help desk sorted my only query out first time and very quickly. Thanks a million!"

"Your customer service is *awesome* - thanks for your efforts."

"I have an Exchange 2003 email server but my Internet connection uses a dynamic IP address. Most ISP dynamic IP addresses are automatically blacklisted and any email sent from them are assumed to be spam. I sent an email to AuthSMTP support to ask about Exchange servers and got an informative response right away. It's good to know that someone is available to answer your questions. "

"I signed up for AuthSMTP and had it set up and working with our Microsoft Exchange 2003 server in less than ten minutes! Now none of our emails are getting rejected."

"Thank you for your support - AuthSMTP is a lifesaver!"

"I am the network administrator for a small company in the United States. I was having trouble with Verizon, which is our DSL provider, in that they implemented a new policy which was meant to prevent the use of their SMTP service by spammers. Unfortunately, the way they chose to accomplish this was to require that the FROM: header in every outgoing message match our Verizon account. This would mean I would have to create an alias for every person in the company, but Verizon smartly chose to limit our business account to ten aliases. We have approximately thirty people in our company, so this was a very annoying policy change. I had temporarily circumvented the problem by routing all of our outgoing mail through my personal account, but I felt very uneasy about doing this. Would my personal account get shut down because of heavy traffic? And what would happen if I were to leave the company? Thankfully I found AuthSMTP, which was exactly the service I needed. Their support staff is very friendly and some of the best I have ever encountered. They answered my questions very rapidly and accurately and were able to solve my problem with little fuss. My company has been using AuthSMTP for several months now with no problems. I highly recommend AuthSMTP to anyone in my situation. "

"Once again, thank you for your efficient service. I've subscribed and it worked first time! For your information I am using Fasthosts to host my site - they do not offer SMTP servers and their forums are packed with people asking for that service. I will post to say how easy I found it to implement your solution."

"I am using the AOL trial dial-up connection which one can get for free, but frustratingly enough AOL does not support SMTP relaying from your current email address, so sending emails is an issue because if you use a different port 25 SMTP, the emails gets routed through there servers and blocked as junk mail - way to go AOL!"

"Thanks AuthSMTP for sorting my email problem out in exactly 2 minutes!"

"Your product is superb, it has saved me both time and money and was exactly what I was looking for. Just wish I had found you years ago!"

"We required an SMTP service provider in a hurry having experienced major disruptions with our previous provider. Having signed with AuthSMTP we were active again within minutes and have never experienced a problem since!"

"I have to say that your service is absolutely fantastic - clean, easy / quick to sign up - and most importantly - just works. I'm Australian based, travelling in the U.S. switching between wireless connections, T1s, dial-up and GPRS - I was having a nightmare of a time delivering mail until a colleague referred me to you guys - and I haven't had a single problem sending through AuthSMTP. A real lifesaver."

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"Just wanted to say excellent, reliable service - makes a change from the ISP I used to use."

"When we moved our office to Spain we found that our ISP would only send e-mails using the default address. We wanted to send using our domain name addresses. Your service was a lifeline and the quality of the service has been second to none. Useful new enhancements have come along recently. Thanks a lot!"

"I'm very impressed with the efficiency and very high delivery acceptance rate with AuthSMTP. Our old ISPs servers were painfully slow, got blacklisted several times and mail could take hours (or longer) to be delivered."