Can I use AuthSMTP to send bulk email?

Yes - many people have a legitimate use for bulk email / mailing lists and therefore need to use it with our service - it is important to note we have a strict anti-spam / acceptable usage policy.

You can send bulk email via our servers subject to:

  • Your monthly message and recipient per message quotas.
  • Messages are sent with valid 'from' and 'reply-to' addresses
  • You have registered the email address you are sending email 'from' using our Control Panel.
  • All the recipients are your existing customers / subscribers.
  • Subscribers were 'opt-in' - i.e. they wanted to join your mailing list.
  • You give people a working 'unsubscribe' option / link with each message.
  • Your mail software uses 1-4 threads / connections to send messages to our servers.

These guidelines will help you stay within our anti-SPAM policy - if we do receive SPAM complaints we will investigate and this may trigger your account to be immediately suspended and / or ceased.

AuthSMTP accounts suspended and / or ceased due to SPAM will receive no refunds.

Also see How can I avoid getting spam complaints for some useful tips on reducing the possibility of spam complaints.