How do the message number and size quotas work?

Each AuthSMTP mail account has a set quota for the total number and total size of messages you can send each month - for example our base accounts provide:

AccountEmails Per MonthTotal Size Sent Per Month
AuthSMTP 22000600MB
AuthSMTP 440001.2GB
AuthSMTP 660001.8GB
AuthSMTP 880002.4GB
AuthSMTP 10100003.0GB

Each recipient counts as 1 message - so if you send a message to one person and CC (or BCC) to three other people that would count as 4 messages. Equally if each message was 20KB in size that would be a total size counted of 80KB.

Messages quotas are for 1 month periods from the date your account was created - to see how many messages you have sent login to the AuthSMTP Control Panel.

The quotas shown mean you can send 'up to' those figures - for instance with AuthSMTP 2 you can send 'up to' 2000 messages or 'up to' 600MB data (whichever you reach first) - each month.

When your account reaches 75% of its message number or message size quota you will receive an email (sent to the admin email address listed on your account) - you will then receive further messages at 85%, 95% and 100% of your quota used. Once 100% is reached you will not be able to send any more emails and will need to either upgrade your account or wait until the quota next reset date (this can be checked in the Control Panel ).

To view all packages and pricing please see AuthSMTP Pricing.