In the Control Panel - what is the 'complaints' address?

The 'complaints' email address is where we will send complaint notifications, these notifications will be generated when emails sent through your account have been reported.

The notification emails will contain the following information:

  • Date / Time
  • Subject
  • Size
  • IP Details
  • Reference
  • From Address
  • Recipient / To Address (where possible)

If you receive a complaint you are expected to remove the email address from your contact list / database or if you have an existing relationship with the user contact them and request that they whitelist your email address.

It is very important you keep this email address up-to-date and ensure emails we send will not be rejected or possibly caught by your own spam filter, failure to keep this address up to date could lead to your account being suspended without notice.

For more information please see how to avoid getting complaints, for information on our policies relating to spam and complaints please see our Acceptable Usage Policy.

If you have any questions please contact us.