I get SSL errors when sending email?

SSL errors are normally generated when your email program or device is trying to establish an SSL encrypted connection to our service but you do not have the feature enabled on your account.

You have a number of options to resolve this issue:

  • Enable SSL on your AuthSMTP account - to do this you simply need to login to the Control Panel, go to the 'Advanced Config' tab and toggle the option
  • Disable SSL in your email program - you would normally find this option in the same place as the SMTP server username and password
  • If the SSL options appear to be disabled in your program or device but the errors are still being logged we recommend that you change the SMTP port in your settings to '325' - some programs will always try SSL regardless if it is available but port 325 does not 'advertise' the SSL feature

Some email programs also require you to change the SMTP port number to 465 when used with SSL - many either do this automatically or do not require a change - so we would only recommend changing it if you do want to use SSL and it does not work on the port you are using.

Our software setup guides also include information on how to enable / disable SSL in your email program.

If you have any questions please contact us.