My email gets caught as SPAM - can AuthSMTP help?

There are many different types of spam filtering software / technologies in use and many variables that can be evaluated when trying to identify spam - by using our service and performing a small number of initial setup tasks we would expect that most emails would be delivered as long as your content is valid and the recipients have opted in or given permission for you to email them.

If you do have problems with getting your emails delivered we can review your account and the emails that you are sending and provide advice and guidance on what is causing the issue.

If your email is getting caught (incorrectly) as SPAM it could be due to:

  • People may be emailing you as [email protected] - then you are replying as [email protected] - their email program or anti-spam system may automatically 'white list' the email address they sent 'to' not the address you reply as!
  • You are sending from a free email address (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc) - we recommend where possible you send from your own domain name.
  • If the SMTP server you are currently using is misconfigured or running on your own ADSL / Cable connection it may not have the correct forward /reverse DNS entries set or it's IP address could be blacklisted.

AuthSMTP can solve these problems by letting you send email 'out' as [email protected] and of course our SMTP servers and IP addresses are monitored to maintain their good reputation - all helping to reduce the chance of your emails being caught as SPAM.

For details of our authenticated SMTP mail relay services see list of features or contact us.