Do you send DSN / NDR (delivery status notification / non-delivery report / bounce) emails?

When I send an email and it cannot be delivered do you send a delivery status notification email back to the sender address?

Yes - if a message cannot be delivered our systems will always send a DSN / NDR / bounce email back to the sender address providing all the information returned by the recipient email system including the failure reason.

If you are not sure if you are receiving the DSN emails please send a message to [email protected] and you should receive a DSN back, this email address intentionally fails.

If you do not receive it, it could mean that your incoming email provider is blocking DSN emails from reaching your mailbox - you will need to check with them directly to find out their policy on DSN / NDR / bounce emails.

If you want to redirect these DSN / NDR / bounce emails to another email address for processing please see - How do I redirect DSN / NDR / Bounce emails to another email address?

If you are having trouble receiving or understanding DSN emails please contact us for assistance.