Can I use AuthSMTP to send mail from multiple email addresses?

Yes - you can authorize multiple from addresses on the same account.

To authorize addresses or domain names please login to our Control Panel, click 'From Addresses' in the left-hand navigation and click 'Add Address' or 'Add Domain'.

All AuthSMTP accounts are permitted a minimum of 10 'from' addresses and larger accounts provide more (up to 600 on some accounts) - see our AuthSMTP Pricing pages for specific details.

If you use a large number of email addresses at your own domain name the recommended option is to authorize your whole domain name - see Can I authorise my whole domain name to send through your SMTP service? for details.

For more details on why we pre-authorise from addresses please see How do you detect and stop SPAM / email abuse?

If you have any questions about this please contact us.