Why Choose Us?

AuthSMTP have been providing a professional grade outgoing SMTP email service for over 10 years, it has many features and we have a wealth of experience to provide you with the best possible service and customer support.

Easy To Use & Secure

  • Setup within minutes - only requires a few easy changes to your email program and we are here to help if you do have any problems!
  • We authenticate you based on a username / password and the email address you send mail as - this offers the best security and anti-SPAM protection
  • Read our testimonials and reviews which are all genuine comments from our clients

Fast & Reliable

  • The service runs on high-performance eco-friendly servers with multiple power backups and are located across multiple major data centres
  • For maximum reliability our network has multiple backbone connections to the Internet and generous spare capacity is always available
  • Services are monitored 24 x 7 - so any problems can be quickly identified and resolved

Low Cost & No Risk - Money Back Guarantee

  • Accounts start from a very low cost per year
  • Other SMTP services may offer 'daily' message quotas - we offer 'monthly' quotas which are far more flexible
  • All accounts are setup with a money-back guarantee

We are sure you won't be disappointed with the service and we are so confident we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy or the service does meet your requirements.

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