Why should I not use personal SMTP server software?

Some people recommend you install SMTP mail server software on your local machine and get it to send mail direct. We do not recommend this for the following important reasons:

  • Your mail is more likely to be caught as SPAM - the IP addresses allocated to cable / broadband accounts do not usually have the correct (forward and reverse) DNS entries required for SMTP servers.
  • Some email servers (including some of the major email providers!) block email from IP addresses used by cable / broadband users of other ISPs.
  • More and more ISPs are blocking outgoing SMTP (port 25) as an anti-SPAM prevention measure - stopping your machine sending SMTP mail directly.
  • Why install additional software on your machine (which may incur cost, poses possible security risks and will require periodic updates /maintenance) when AuthSMTP is low cost and you can send your email direct from your email program!

AuthSMTP does not suffer from these problems and is a low cost and reliable authenticated SMTP mail relay service - click here to view all the features of our service.