Getting Started Guide

You can view this guide online or download a copy - Getting Started Guide [PDF Format] (43k)

Step One - AuthSMTP Sign Up

  • The SMTP server to use and your AuthSMTP username and password will be sent to the email address you provided when you signed up.

Step Two - Authenticating Additional Email Addresses

  • If you only send email using the email address you signed up with you can skip to Step Three.
  • If you want to send mail 'from' other email addresses - login to the AuthSMTP Control Panel at: - at the prompt enter your AuthSMTP username and password.
  • Click on 'view / add email from addresses' - this will show you all the email addresses you have authorized to send mail using your account. Then you can 'Add' additional email addresses or 'Delete' email addresses as required.

Step Three - Setting Up Your Email Program

  • Some ISPs block the default port used for SMTP communication (port 25), as a solution to this we provide alternative SMTP ports (23, 26, 325, 2525) and recommend you follow the alternate port instructions if your email program supports it - most current email programs do!
  • If your email program is not listed check with the help file / manual to find how to change the SMTP (outgoing mail) server settings:
    • Take a note of the current settings.
    • Do not make any changes to the incoming server, username or password (POP3 / IMAP).
    • Change the SMTP server to the one sent when you signed up for AuthSMTP.
    • Enter the SMTP username and password (most programs have an 'Advanced' or 'Options' button where you enter the SMTP server username and password).

Step Four - Important Note

  • All new accounts (as an anti-SPAM / abuse measure) are limited to sending a maximum of 30 messages (with a total size of up to 15MB) until they have been verified - see:

If you having a problem getting the service to work please take the time to use our setup guides or knowledge base and review any errors or notifications logged in the control panel, most problems can be identified and resolved using these resources.

If you are unable to find the answer to your query please login to the control panel and raise a support ticket.