Can I use one AuthSMTP account on more than one computer?

Yes - you can use the same account on multiple computers or devices or even share the account with multiple users.

Please be aware of the following potential issues:

  • One person changes the username / password - it will stop the others sending mail.
  • One person could use up the quota for the whole account.
  • Each AuthSMTP account has a set number of email addresses you can send mail as
  • The control panel logs all the messages sent from the AuthSMTP account - this 'could' present a privacy issue if multiple people share one account. We only log the date / time / sender / recipient / size and SMTP port used - some people may not want even this possibly viewable by other people.
  • The feature to automatically copy all email sent through the AuthSMTP service (if enabled) is done on a per account basis. So if you wanted to copy different users email to different locations each would need a separate AuthSMTP account.

Equally you may find it more convenient to buy one larger capacity account and let multiple people use it - the choice is yours!

If you have any questions please contact us.