Can I take a copy (duplicate) of emails sent?

Yes - AuthSMTP offer a facility to duplicate / copy your outgoing emails - this is great to keep a backup of emails sent, it is done 'silently' and each message you send is copied back to an email address you specify.

To set this up login to the Control Panel, go to the 'Advanced Config' section and select the duplication option.

Due to the extra server resources required to duplicate messages they are charged at a higher rate - this is equivalent to adding an extra recipient to the message that you have sent - here are some examples:

Number of RecipientsSize of Email*Quota Usage
Without Duplication150KB1 message50KB of data
With Duplication150KB2 messages100KB of data
Without Duplication350KB3 messages150KB of data
With Duplication350KB4 messages200KB of data
Without Duplication10200KB10 messages2.0MB of data
With Duplication10200KB11messages2.2MB of data

* This is the total amount of data received which may be greater than the size of the email on your computer, the difference is due to the message encoding required to transport the message from your computer across the Internet. You can find more information about this in the following FAQ - Why do my messages grow in size when I send them via AuthSMTP?

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