What is the maximum size of message I can send?

Our servers will allow a maximum message size of 50MB.

All accounts are initially configured with a default of 15MB 'data' per message - this can be easily increased (or decreased) by logging into the Control Panel.

Due to the overhead when encoding files to send via email (typically around 20-50%) - this means that a 10MB file could be as much as 15MB of 'data' actually sent to our servers. This isn't unique to our service, it applies to all emails.

Tip: If you do send large files via email try to 'zip' (compress) them first - most computers have this functionality built in or compression utilities are available from a number of vendors. Compressing files has the following benefits:

  • It allows you to send larger files.
  • Compressed files are smaller so take less time for you to send.
  • They then transfer from our servers to the recipients ISP quicker.
  • Your recipient can then collect them in less time.
  • It uses less of your monthly traffic quota.

Tip: The maximum message size is not affected by the number of recipients, the maximum size is just the total size of your singular message and its attachments.

Tip: There are various types of encoding methods (UUENCODE, MIME, BinHex4 etc.) - of these UUENCODE and MIME are the most popular. MIME is newer and generally more efficient than UUENCODE (meaning smaller email sizes) and is supported by most current email programs - so if you have the choice we would recommend you use MIME encoding.