How do you detect and stop SPAM / email abuse?

We employ many bespoke and proprietary techniques to reduce the risk of our service being used to send SPAM, phishing schemes or other types of email abuse.

For security reasons we cannot give too many details away - however, some of the main methods are:

  • Accounts can only send mail as email addresses they actually have access to. This makes it extremely difficult for someone to be able to use a false email address to 'send' mail - a method often employed by spammers and people trying to exploit using 'phishing'.
  • All new accounts are setup and marked as 'probationary' - until we have run a number of additional manual and automated checks (which are usually completed within a few hours) the account will be limited to only sending a very small number of emails.
  • Each message sent through out system is 'stamped' with a non-visible, unique ID and contains information on how to report a message received if the recipient believes it to be SPAM / unsolicited mail.

If you have any questions please contact us.