SMTP Outgoing Mail Relay - Anti-Virus Scanning

We operate an industry standard anti-virus engine that scans emails sent though our service.

Features of Anti-Virus Scanning

  • The scanning is transparent so you do not need to enable it or change any configuration
  • The anti-virus signature files are checked for updates several times each day
  • If you received an email saying that a virus had been detected in an email you sent - the email would contain details of the date / time sent and name of the virus detected
  • If a virus is detected, the email message will be deleted and a message sent to the sender to advise them - nothing will be sent to the recipient

Important Notes

  • This is NOT a replacement for running up-to-date anti-virus software on your own computer
  • No anti-virus system can be considered 100% effective and in no event will we be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential losses
  • This service will only work for outgoing email sent using our service - it does not scan your incoming mail
  • Some email messages cannot be scanned - for example we do scan compressed files but we cannot scan:
    • Encrypted files
    • Certain types of compressed files
    • Messages larger than 5MB after encoding
  • We do not guarantee to be able to scan all emails - if there is an issue with our anti-virus scanning engine our systems are designed to bypass it and deliver the messages unscanned to avoid issues with delays

If you have any comments or questions contact us.