Error 502 - Header from address is not authorised

Description of problem

This error is returned if you attempt to send an email using your AuthSMTP account and the header from address is not an authorised sender address on your account. For security any email address you wish to send from has to be pre-authorised on your account, this prevents other users sending emails using your email address.

The from address is declared twice when you send an email:

  • During the initial connection to our service (Envelope From Address)
  • In the 'From:' field of the message headers (Header From Address)

In certain circumstances these can be different email addresses but if you are using a standard email program such as Outlook or Mac Mail you will only have one email address in your settings and that will used by both the envelope and header from addresses.

How to resolve this problem

You can view which email addresses are authorised on your account by logging into the control panel and going to the 'Registered From Addresses' tab.

If the email address you are trying to send from (listed in the error) is not in that list of authorised sender addresses you will need to add it using the function provided in the control panel.

Alternatively you can change the email address in your email program settings to one that is listed as an authorised sender address on your account.