PHP SMTP Authentication Troubleshooting Script

If you are trying to use your AuthSMTP account from a PHP enabled web server but you are having problems you can use this script to test all the main requirements and your account credentials.

Important Points

  • The code provided in this script is for troubleshooting purposes only - it cannot be used in a production environment for sending email via an SMTP server.
  • It will test the following:
    • DNS Resolution of ''
    • Connectivity to the AuthSMTP network
    • SMTP port availability from your hosting account
    • Your AuthSMTP username and password


  1. Download the SMTP diagnostic script
  2. Unzip the file and open for editing
  3. Enter your AuthSMTP username and password at the top of the script in the variables provided
  4. Upload the file to your web space / server
  5. Go to the script in a web browser and it will run automatically


If you require any assistance understanding the results please copy the output and open a support ticket.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you remove the script from your web space / server once you have finished troubleshooting.