Outgoing SMTP Email Service for Mobile / Cell Phone, PDA and iPhone Users

AuthSMTP provides an outgoing SMTP email service for use on your mobile / cell phone, iPhone and many other mobile devices. Using either a Wi-Fi connection or most mobile Internet connections, it will allow you to send emails from your own email address or domain name.

Service Features

Reliable outgoing SMTP email server for your mobile device

AuthSMTP can be used to send emails from your mobile / cell phone, iPhone, PDA, smart phone, netbook or many other mobile devices with Internet access.

Send emails using any Internet connection from all of your email addresses

Some Internet connection providers will only let you send from their own email addresses - with AuthSMTP you can send from your own domain / other email addresses.

Support for all the major cell phones and devices:

  • - iPhone, iPad, iOS
  • - Windows Mobile
  • - Android
  • - Symbian S60 (Nokia smart phones)
  • ...and many more.

Quick and easy to setup, full tutorials for almost all major programs and devices

We provide clear and easy to follow setup guides for most major email programs and we frequently add ones for new software /versions.

Automatic virus scanning against all messages

This helps prevent the potentially dangerous / embarrassing situation where you inadvertently send or forward a virus infected email.

Outgoing email duplication

AuthSMTP can (optionally) duplicate all the emails you send to an email address of your choice for backup purposes.

Avoid your emails being blacklisted

Some ISP outgoing email servers may become blacklisted - we constantly monitor our systems and third party blacklists to help ensure this does not happen.

Key Benefits

  • Send email from your mobile / cell phone, iPhone, PDA, smart phone or net book.Quick and easy to setup - send email within minutes.
  • Will work with most 3G / mobile broadband and Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Full setup guides for most major programs and devices.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a money back guarantee for your peace of mind so you can sign up and test with no risk. [ Read More ]


Accounts start at a very low cost per year - please see our pricing page for details.

Sign Up

If you have all the information you need and want to sign up for an AuthSMTP account please go to our sign up page. [ Sign Up ]

More Information

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