Microsoft Exchange 2016 - Alternative Port

Important Points

  • By default Exchange 2016 will attempt to connect to the AuthSMTP servers on the default SMTP port 25, if you wish to change this to one of the Alternative ports (2525, 23, 26) you will need to take the following steps.

Step One

  • Open the 'Exchange Management Shell'
Exchange 2016 Change SMTP Port - Step 1 - Open EMS

Step Two

  • Type the following command to get a list of all your send connectors:

Step Three

  • To change the SMTP port for your connector you will need to enter the following command replacing 'AuthSMTP' with the appropriate connector name from the above command
Set-SendConnector -Identity "AuthSMTP" -Port 2525

Step Four

  • To confirm the change has been accepted you can enter the following command and it will return the current configured port, this should match what you have set
Get-SendConnector "AuthSMTP"|fl Port

Step Five

  • For the changes to take effect you will need to restart the SMTP / transport services on your Exchange server.
  • You should now be able to send messages via AuthSMTP on the alternative port 2525

Further Reading

  • If you have questions specifically about configuring or troubleshooting Exchange 2016 please use the Official Microsoft Exchange 2016 Documentation - due to the complexities of Microsoft Exchange we can only provide basic troubleshooting advice.