Microsoft Exchange 2007 - SSL/TLS Setup

Important Points

  • These instructions assume you have already setup your AuthSMTP send connector in Exchange 2007 using the instructions on the Exchange 2007 setup page .
  • Microsoft Exchange 2007 has a new feature called 'Opportunistic TLS' which is enabled by default upon installation, this feature means Exchange 2007 will negotiate a secured SSL/TLS session wherever possible and encrypt the message. Further information can be found on Microsoft's Technet Website .
  • By default SSL/TLS is not enabled on AuthSMTP accounts, if you do wish to enable it you can do so by logging into the control panel and adding that feature, it is important that you read the notes about enabling it and using SSL/TLS as it does have some significant implications with regards to sending email and the way encrypted messages are counted towards to your account quota.
  • If you do wish to use SSL/TLS please login to the control panel and enable it on your account.
  • If you do not wish to use SSL/TLS you will need to take the following steps to disable this feature in Exchange 2007.

Step One

  • Open the 'Exchange Management Shell'
Exchange 2007 - Disable Opportunistic TLS - Step 1 - Open Exchange Management Shell

Step Two

  • Type the following command to get a list of all your send connectors


Exchange 2007 - Disable Opportunistic TLS - Step 2 - Type 'Get-SendConnector' to get list of send connectors

Step Three

  • To disable 'Opportunistic TLS' you will need to enter the following command

    Set-SendConnector -Identity "AuthSMTP Connector" -IgnoreSTARTTLS $true

Exchange 2007 - Disable Opportunistic TLS - Step 3 - To disable Opportunistic TLS type 'Set-SendConnector -Identity

Step Four

  • To confirm the change has been accepted you can enter the following command

    Get-SendConnector "AuthSMTP Connector"|fl IgnoreSTARTTLS

Exchange 2007 - Disable Opportunistic TLS - Step 4 - To confirm the change so that you can send email via AuthSMTP type 'Get-SendConnector

Step Five

  • You should now be able to send messages via AuthSMTP without Exchange 2007 trying to negotiate a SSL/TLS connection.

Step Six (Optional)