Cookie Policy

1. About this document

1.1. GetOnline Ltd trading as 'AuthSMTP' (the "Vendor") operates a number of websites (the "Websites") to advertise an authenticated SMTP email relay server which includes other ancillary websites and functions (the "Service").

1.2 The Websites to which this document apply, are as follows:

  • a. The US Website (
  • b. The UK Website (

1.3 This document outlines how the Websites use cookies and what rights you (the "Visitor") has with regard to the use of those cookies.

1.4. By visiting and using the Websites, the Visitor consents to the Vendor setting cookies in their browser.

1.5. For information on how Personal Information is collected, stored and processed; see the Privacy Policy.

2. What are cookies?

2.1. Cookies are small text files that are created by a website and stored on the Visitor's computer, they act as a means of storing information or data related to the usage of the website.

2.2. Some examples of usage are:

  • a. Storing website preferences such as the Visitor's geographic location or username
  • b. Storing an identification token that links to a set of data stored on a remote server
  • c. Recording anonymous data about how the Visitor has used the website

3. How are cookies used?

3.1 The Vendor uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • a. To customize the Website to the users local preferences (location, currency etc)
  • b. To track how people use the Websites so that the content and navigation can be optimized

4. Is consent required?

4.1. To view the Websites the Visitor does not need to consent to cookies, but may not experience the Websites in the way they are intended.

4.2. To sign up for and use the Service, the Visitor will need to allow cookies to access the secure customer control panel and its features.

5. What cookies will be set?

5.1. If the Visitor chooses to accept, the following cookies will be set in the browser:

NameProviderPurposeExpiryType / .co.ukStores the Visitor's cookie consent for Websites1 YearHTTP / .co.ukStores the users country to personalize pricing data7 DaysHTTP / .co.ukRegisters a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the Visitor uses the Websites.Session OnlyHTTP / .co.ukUsed by Google Analytics to throttle request rateSession OnlyHTTP / .co.ukRegisters a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the Visitor uses the Websites.2 YearsHTTP

6. More information

6.1. There are numerous sources of information on the Internet about cookies - this information can be found by using a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

6.2. Example sources of information:

7. How to withdraw consent

7.1. To withdraw consent, the Visitor just simply needs to delete the cookies from their browser

7.2. Most browsers have tools that allow a Visitor to delete, block or view the cookies that are set in the browser.

7.3. Detailed information can often be found on the browser's own website, here are links to the most popular web browser's websites:

8. Changes to this policy

8.1. This policy is effective as of ​the 25th of May 2018 and will remain in effect except with respect to any changes in its provisions in the future, which will be in effect immediately after being posted on this page.

8.2. The Vendor reserves the right to update or change the policy at any time and the Visitor should check this policy periodically. The continued use of the Website after the Vendor posts any modifications to the policy on this page will constitute the Visitors acknowledgment of the modifications and consent to abide and be bound by the modified policy.

8.3. If the Vendor make any material changes to the policy, the Vendor will notify by placing a prominent notice on the Website.

9. Current Version

15.1. The version reference for this policy is: