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AuthSMTP - Gmail (Google Mail) Setup Details

Important Points

Important: Before proceeding please login to the AuthSMTP Control Panel and enable SSL on your account.
Due to the way Gmail's email systems currently work you have to have SSL enabled on your account for you to be able to send emails through AuthSMTP, otherwise any emails you send may not reach us and you may not get an error message.

Important: You cannot send emails through the Gmail webmail page using your Gmail address, you can only specify a separate SMTP server for emails addresses that do not use gmail.com or googlemail.com. However if you use an email program such as Outlook or Thunderbird you can send emails using your Gmail address through AuthSMTP.

Step One

Gmail - Step 1 - Login to Gmail and click Settings in the right corner of the page

Step Two

Gmail - Step 2 - Click Add another email address you own

Step Three

Gmail - Step 3 - Enter the name and email address you wish send from through AuthSMTP's outgoing servers

Step Four

Gmail - Step 4 - Enter the AuthSMTP outgoing mail server, change the SMTP Port to 25, enter your AuthSMTP username and password and then click Add Account

Step Five

Gmail - Step 5 - Check your email and enter the verification code to validate your email address, you can now send your email through the authenticated outgoing email relay service.

Step Six