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AuthSMTP - Report Abuse / SPAM Email

We take SPAM and email abuse very seriously! If you believe you were sent an unsolicited email (SPAM) message by one of our users / through our authenticated SMTP mail relay - report it here and we will investigate immediately!

Please note we can only investigate spam sent by one of our users / sent through our servers and when submitting the form below ensure you provide all the required information.

Message Headers :

[check the help file for your email program for how to display message headers]

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Type the words you see in the image before submitting the form:

Your email address is not required. However, if you would like a reply / update be sure to include it!

We ask for your mobile telephone number as we may send a short reply / updates by text message (SMS).

If you cannot submit your enquiry using this form (i.e. it contains a file attachment) send it to: