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Do you offer a FREE SMTP service?

AuthSMTP employs sophisticated, bespoke technologies running on high-performance hardware - thousands of hours of time have gone into developing the system and it takes a great deal of time, commitment and money to maintain and continue to further improve the service.

By not charging a subscription any free service would have to try and cover the cost by using advertising and if they cannot cover the cost they will usually end up shutting down! This advertising may include adverts on their own web site or could also be adverts sent to you or added to the bottom of your outgoing emails! We would not want this for our own mail - so would not want it for yours - see: Do you add any advertising to my emails?

The other problem is that a free system would become a free-for-all and could end up compromising the quality and reliability of the service.

Our authenticated SMTP outgoing email accounts are great value - available from only US$32.00 / UKú20.00 / EUR€24.00 per year - so is it worth the risk to your email? For details of our products click here for more details or contact us with any questions.

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